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The Next Iteration

May 9, 2010

When I started Activate Your Glutes I didn’t know MVC at all, hadn’t touched ASP.Net in a few years (I dislike web forms intensely) and barely knew Entity Framework and consequently a lot of mistakes were made when putting the site together – both in the code and in the architecture.

Rather than live with that technical debt hanging over my head for ever more I’ve spent the last few months cleaning up the codebase and making pretty minor improvements to the site but dramatic changes to the codes structure and its now reached a place where I’m reasonably happy with it. Sure there is still stuff that could be improved but I don’t look at it and feel repelled by the cruft.

That being the case I feel its time to add another major feature to the site and the one I’ve picked is tracking resistance training. Couple of reasons really:

  1. My own training is mostly lifting weights. I love it!
  2. Its the thing that has irritated me most on other sites I’ve used. I’ve never used a site where its not awkward to do this.

I’m going to try out the new validation features in MVC2 while doing this and if that works out will roll it across the rest of the codebase.

I’d also love to spend some time of the graphical design of the site and move away from the MVC template colours and layout but thats really not my strong suit so is going to have to wait for now.